Social Media

Do you use social media for your business?

If the answer is no, or not yet, you should be.

Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin are very effective social media tools that help you raise the profile of your business, enable you to interact with potential partners as well as potential clients. However it all takes time, experience and inclination to be beneficial, and this is where I come in.

Secretarial Services

Let us help you with:

  • Copy typing – Let us do your typing for you and we will give your work a professional look, either using your own stationery or we can supply it for you.  Our customers find that by hiring us, their work is done much quicker and to a very professional standard. Straightforward typing or more complicated layouts, no problem! Letters, invoices, menus, manuscripts, tables, you name it, we’ll do it! We can even help compile your letter for you.
  • Data input – Using Excel spreadsheets, Word, or forms from the internet, includes names and addresses, questionnaires, stock items, numerical input, batches of invoices etc.  One of our customers hires us to do his data input for regular monthly invoice auditing, while he focuses on his priorities.


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